Sunday, October 6, 2013

Review: Vice Palette by Urban Decay

I LOVE Urban Decay eye shadows. They are so pigmented and so creamy, I just love wearing them. They blend well, they last forever, and the selection of colours is huge! A bonus for me is that urban Decay is a cruelty free company too. The individual colours can be pricy, and so can the palettes, but the palettes are a better value for the amount of product you get. In my opinion, their shadows, are so worth it.   

The Vice palette has several bright colours and also some neutral colours. It's not for everyone, but the palette offers a ton of options which can make this a one stop shop if you want.

I think that this palette is a nice addition to collection of neutral colours if you want to step outside the "neutral box", but if you aren't the type to add a pop-of-colour to your look, then this palette might not be for you.

(Photos curtesy of... who knows... Google images?)

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