Saturday, May 5, 2012

CHINA GLAZE NEONS 2012 (Olive skin tone)

Here are the four colours from the collection that I thought would look way better on olive skin, and guess what... they do!!

Thanks Judy for letting me try these out on your hands.

Green: I'm with the Lifeguard
Yellow: Sun Kissed
Blue: Splish Splash
Orange: Orange you Hot?

I love these colours now, I'm excited to wear them once I have a little tan knowing they are gonna look fantastic!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

CHINA GLAZE: Love's a Beach AND Hang-TenToes

HOLY CRAP!! I LOVE these 2 colours. If you like pink, you will Love these. If you get ANY polishes from the China Glaze Summer Neons 2012 collection, these 2 are a must!!

I can't decide which I like more. :)

Ok so on my pointer finger and my ring finger, I have the Love's a Beach. It's HOT PINK with pink shimmer/pearl. And it is Bright!! So beautiful!!

The middle and pinky finger have the Hang-Ten Toes. Another Hot pink but it's a tiny bit cooler. It has a hint of blue shimmer. It makes my hands look so tanned and summery. I love it!!!

Ok, seriously. These are BEAUTIFUL COLOURS!!! Go get them.

CHINA GLAZE: Flirty Tanktini AND Pink Plumeria

Ok so these 2 pearly pinks are so similar, I'm not sure they both needed to be in this collection, but whatever.

Ok so on my pointer finger and my ring finger is the Pink Plumeria. This is sort of a neon, but mostly just a light shimmery pink. Nothing special.

On my middle finger and my pinky finger is the Flirty Tanktini. Sort if neon.... Mostly pearly, and a tiny bit darker pink than the Pink Plumeria. Nothing special.

CHINA GLAZE: Beach Cruise-R AND Under the Boardwalk

Ok, so here are the two purples from the collection that look almost identical in the bottle, but here they are clearly different.

So on my pointer finger and ring finger, is Beach Cruise-R. Not really a neon, but still bright. It has the pearl finish but still looks quite matte. I used a top coat here.

On my middle finger and pinky finger is Under the Boardwalk. It is a gel formula. This was a little hard to apply. You just have to do 3 thin coats. That's all. Also, this is not a neon.

CHINA GLAZE: Sun-kissed

Ok, NEON yellow. This is a bright neon with a pearl finish (still needs a top coat) but it is actually very wearable. I did 3 coats here, could have done 4. Application was pretty easy, a bit streaky, but no too bad.

CHINA GLAZE: Orange you Hot?

So this bright pearly orange is probably beautiful on a different skin tone than mine, but I personally like this polish the least of the whole collection. It is a beautiful colour, but just doesn't match me too well. Natural light (pic 1) makes this colour stand out like crazy, I think I just need to be a bit tanned to pull it off.

CHINA GLAZE: Surfing' for Boys

This is a beautiful neon coral red. It is firey and bright. It has a super smooth formula, but still needs a top coat in my opinion.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

OPI: Mod about you

CHINA GLAZE: Splish Splash

This is 1 colour shown in 2 different lights. First pic is in natural light and the second is under a lamp. It's a beautiful neon blue with a pearly finish, but needs a top coat.

CHINA GLAZE: I'm with the lifeguard

I love this colour. It has a pearly finish, it's easy to apply and it is a neon! I would recommend a top coat on this one though. It has a bit of a matte finish.