Sunday, May 11, 2014

Review: Tarte BB Tinted Treatment

I have tried so many BB Creams in search of a light feeling product with a bit of coverage, that won't irritate my skin,  but that will also even out my skin tone. I have just never come across anything worth telling my friends about. Until now!

 I really like this one. It's the Tarte BB Tinted Treatment / primer / sunscreen. Since it's Tarte, I feel like it has healing, or nourishing properties (so that's always nice) but also it has nice coverage. I'd say light to medium coverage. It balances out my skin tone without feeling like I have foundation on. I do have to use a good moisturizer under it though, because I notice that if my skin is at all dry, this cream will show it. If I moisturize, then it gives my face a nice glow, and a dewy finish that's not oily looking.  Also, this is paraben free and cruelty free, and has a 30 SPF,  so those are things that I appreciate as well. 

Now, I have never worn a foundation over this product, even though it is supposedly a primer, only because I find that the coverage it gives is good enough for me. So I can't speak on how it works as a primer. 

All in all, I love this product and suggest you get a sample at Sephora to try it out. This way you can be sure it's going to work for you before you purchase it. 

You can find this product online, or at Sephora.