Sunday, November 10, 2013

Burning, dry hand rescue!

My hands have been so dry lately because of the colder weather and because I wash my hands so often. But every time I go to put handcream on, any handcream, the backs of my hands burn and itch and I feel like there's no cure for these dry hands. 

After testing out several different types of handcream and body lotions and body butters and Vaseline and all sorts of home remedies, I have determined that St. Ives mineral therapy body lotion moisturizes my hands so nicely and does not burn the sensitive spots. It even smells nice! 

This stuff has been a miracle product for me. I put it on before bed. I put it on during the day.  Every time I wash my hands. I put it on and it feels so nice on my hands, like it's actually soothing for me. 

I bought this at Walmart for under $5 and it's a massive bottle too, it's gonna last me all winter. 


  1. Yes! I always go back and forth on lotions until I tried st Ives. My fav for sure. I haven't tried this one though I'll have to pick some up. I'm constantly washing bottles and sippy cups and sticky hands lol I need some nice lotion

    1. Oh! I'll have to try some of the other St. Ives lotions! :)