Monday, August 29, 2011

OPI: Spark de Triomphe (lemming)

Sister's NOTD

So I know I already have a very sparkly gold (OPI: Bring on the Bling) but this is not a yellow gold it's like a silvery gold, almost platinum gold. Whatever it is, we think it's gorgeous!

This colour is sold as a set with a white shatter polish (Serina Williams Collection) so I never wanted to buy this colour as I already have the white shatter. So my sister and I decided to pass on it for now until we find it somewhere where it's sold all by it's self. Well, guess what. We FOUND IT!! We were shopping on vacation, and happened to walk in to a Chatters Store/Salon and low and behold, they had 2 bottles just sitting there calling our names. So we bought them and that was that. Yay for us! Lemming conquered!

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  1. Just so you know, a "lemming" is a wish, a want, a desire (according to some people in the nail community)